Seven years ago on this beautiful sunny California day was undeniably the best day of my entire life!! I will never ever forget the magical feeling that fluttered like butterflies through my tummy seeing his handsome face for the very first time that day. Just two California kids, smitten with one another, believers, wild dreamers, ready to conquer the world with proof that true love does truly exist..if you just believe. After all of these incredible years together the good, the bad and the ugly. I never thought that I could love you more then I did the day I walked down the isle..because let’s be real everyone knows how madly in love I am with my you!! Honestly, I didn’t think it was even possible to love someone more then the day I said “I do” but my heart is bursting today with more love then I can ever explain. You are the true definition of an amazing leader, an inspiring encourager, the most hardworking man I have ever known, but best of all a man after Gods own heart. You inspire others to be the best versions of themselves and to always do great things. You sacrifice you own dreams humbly to see my dreams come true..this is just a few reasons why I love you. You are the dream I never thought I would ever be blessed to have, you are the prince charming I prayed for since I was a little girl. You spark fireworks in my heart every time you walk through the front door and your kisses make me weak. #marriedlife. You are my miracle come true and I can truly say I am blessed because God has blessed me with you. We are stronger because of our faith, the laughter that fills our little home, our spontaneous adventures and the time we make for one another no matter what life may throw our way, because of this we stand strong through it all. God knew exactly what he was doing when he put us together..to create a love that sparks like fireworks!! You truly are my greatest dream come true, my real life happily ever after and I love you!! Happy Seven Year Wedding Anniversary!!  xo

Est. 4.25.2010

Photo by // Megan Welker