So today one of my dreams has finally come true!! I just received one of the most amazing packages in the mail today filled with so many additional beautiful little things. A stunning Contax 645 camera, a dreamy Zeiss 80mm lens, tons of minty green Fuji 400H film and a brand new perspective for the art of photography. I have been wanting to transform my company for many years now but due to the steep price for this lovely camera + film + development, waiting patiently turned into “a bit longer than anticipated”. After many years of hard work, saving and finally mustering up my fears I’m diving head first into this new adventure with film. I’m so ready for the challenge, ready to learn and ready to create stunning film images I have always dreamed of creating. This beauty is the newest addition to my growing camera collection and I can’t believe this stunner is all mine!! Someone pinch me because I’m seriously in awe!!!!